Oliver Moran: The Story Continues.

P.A.Davies (Author)

Since my last post a few days ago, things have started to become a tad manic … but in a very good way!

First there was the photo shoot with the poet that is Oliver Moran (author of “Out of my mind”  pic. right) …


… then there were a few tweets and re-tweets, some Facebook likes and a mention on various websites of the journalistic world about Olly’s fabulous book. Oh, and to our surprise, we even got a nice mention in the paper.

IMG_1673I couldn’t believe it … all those groceries for a mere £22.33? Bargain 🙂

Anyway, as a result of this publicity, sales of Olly’s book began to trickle in and we were both content.

However, on Friday 12th August 2016, Olly and myself did a last minute interview for ITV (to be aired w/c 15th August 2016) and, naturally, I mentioned this event…

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