Chapter 4

Everybody who is remotely interested will know by now that Grimnien the wizard turned Meadow Goblinglitter into Gongleshanks Presumably then, Meadow ceased to exist when Gongle was created. Unfortunately where Grimniens are concerned nothing is ever that simple! It would appear that Meadow does indeed still exist since she has turned up in Twitterland! It has to be said that her character is different from when she lived in Grimney – although she was a bit of a mystery even then.

Nobody was sure about her past; all they knew was that she could call dragons. This led to rumours spreading that Meadow, was in fact Sharda Lymar, a city judge who burned Lymar to the ground in revenge for the murder of her family.

Meadow was unstable because of her memory loss and lack of self knowledge. She was deeply conflicted about the stories circulating that she was Sharda Lymar because she was intrinsically good and caring. She hated the thought that she may have burned an entire village and its dwellers.

She was prone to fits of temper and ordered her dragon to set fire to people on several occasions if they seemed to pose a threat which only added fuel to the Grimniens’ suspicions.

Since arriving in Twitterland however, she seems more concerned with ironing clothes and finding a ‘handsome man’ to marry. Although she appears to be sweet natured it is advisable to approach Meadow with caution, she still has her Dragon, Barbie Q with her!

There is little doubt that Meadow was not around when Grimnien was handing out marbles! She has a rather twisted view of Grimney believing that all Grimnien ladies stay at home and cook and clean for their husbands. Although it is true that Grimney is nowhere near as advanced as planet earth there are many fearsome female warriors in the land who could outshoot their male counterparts with a bow and arrow and wouldn’t have a clue what to do with an iron or a washing up bowl!

Meadow lives in a fantasy world within a fantasy world. In fairness you would not expect someone who has been changed into someone else – twice – to be the full shilling! It appears that Gongleshanks got the bigger slice of brain cells during the transition period!

No wonder she hankers after the imp, somewhere in her subconscious mind – what’s left of it – she must recognise that they belong together, literally! Maybe a handsome man with lots of creased shirts will sweep her off her feet one day then we can all breathe a sigh of relief because who knows what half a woman scorned is capable of!

When she first arrived in Twitterland Meadow spent her days moaning and asking Grimnien to take her home but she seemed to settle down when Hall befriended her. Hall is not officially a Grimnien but the team took to the strange cartoon lady They became aware of her when she ‘stowed away’ on Gongle’s jet when he flew over to Miami to stay with his girlfriend ‘Ann’ carried her round in her pocket for the duration of the trip and they became firm friends, so much so, that she has been invited to be Ann’s bridesmaid at the forthcoming nuptials. Gongleshanks is quite fond of Hall too – although he would NEVER admit it of course! He refers to her as ‘Sketch’ and she, in turn addresses him as   ‘ Pesky imp’. But it is quite clear that the two have affection for one another even if they do spend ninety nine percent of their time insulting each other!

It is not clear who introduced author, David E Manuel to the Grimniens so they don’t know who to blame! One thing is for sure though; Gongleshanks thinks that he is the famous dress designer, David Emanuel and of course, being a good sport, David plays along with the imp. The author has become a close friend to the Grimniens, having interacted with them since they first arrived in Twitterland. Gongleshanks has asked David to be best man at his wedding, probably because he thinks that David will be able to introduce him to Royalty! David described this book as a ‘Stream of Gongleness’ which appealed to our deluded imp who has illusions of grandeur

‘HEY I heard that! I demand that you delete that last statement immediately! I am NOT deluded and I certainly do not have illusions of grandeur……erm whatever they are!’

‘Oh, hello Gongleshanks, how many times do I have to tell you not to disturb me when I’m writing my book?’

‘And I’ve told YOU, Steve alias Bob to stop treating me like a figment of your imagination! I have a life of my own so kindly stop trying to control me!’

Aha! Now maybe you understand why David E Manuel describes this as a stream of Gongleness!

Now, where was I before I was rudely interrupted by that imp?………..

Oh yes, Garli, what can I say about our Garli? Actually she describes herself far better than I ever could so I will let her explain…………

Who am I?

I guess you are wondering who this crazy Vorte girl is?

Well, I am the Sun Goddess of Freedom & just like the Sunshine;  I am bright, inspirational & hot stuff!

I am yellow unlike others because as a Sun Goddess, I am separate yet distinctive & all other planetary Vortes revolve around me.

I live in a natural world full of butterflies, flowers, bumble bees & birds (but yellow is my favourite colour, of course)

I bring life, I’m always full of energy & vitality which sometimes irritates others, however, know, when you are feeling down, my sunny disposition will lift your drooping spirit!

My solar essence helps others to grow & feel alive because I value & help nurture the life force of all living things.

My attention & focus on you, is equal because without sunshine, one of you may feel left out in the cold.  I have my own natural cycles, where I rise above issues every morning & go to bed every night.

But I have a deep, dark pain which hovers over me daily…………

I am in love with the Moon.

I know him as Moonshine, although he has a very feminine energy, emotional a lot of the time.

Without Moonshine, the tides & water would not be balanced

(we all know how important water is!)

Moonshine may be watery in nature but has hidden depths like the subconscious.

Moonshine acts as a mirror & reflects everything dark which is revealed within your subconscious so that you can look at your fears & deal with your shady character so that by the morning you are ready to face the world & bring sunshine back into your life once again.

Moonshine comes out at night & affects our dreams through subconscious fears, hopes & our desires.

I am the Sun Vorte & unlike the Moon I am conscious & I help every living thing who resides on the earth’s surface.

Do you love dreaming?

Well, my Moonshine helps you to dream whilst I, help you grow & to live.

However, you see Moonshine more than me!

When he goes to sleep I awake & when he awakens, I go down.

You can see how we never meet.

Even when we are up at the same time we are in different parts of the hemisphere.

It is only when we combine during an eclipse that we make love but you humans, are not supposed to look, some of you give us respect & avert your eyes.  Others buy these expensive telescopes acting like peeping toms (well, really!)

Ahem, thank you dear! The above is an extract  which I stole from Garli’s website. You can read more about this incredibly talented lady here:

Garli has just reminded me that she wrote a poem which I forgot to include…..sorry Garli! I expect it will rain all week now! This is Garli’s poem:

There is a Sun Goddess named Garli
Who shines more often over Bali
She’s in love with the moon
But he dances to his own tune
Whilst she parties with Goddess Kali
Garli rises &  falls every day
You can all bet on this
But she never has to earn her pay
Because she lives in universal bliss
Moonshine is her lover
He is full of himself sometimes
They hardly see one another
Because when he sleeps
Garli dines…
Moonshine helps you to dream
& Garli aids your growth
They are both Voicebox beings
As we patiently await their marital oath

There are other Grimniens who have recently joined us such as Killgin Stark, a fearsome warrior who can slice a boulder in two with his sword. Killgin tweets a lot about poetry and is an established poet himself.

Someone who I haven’t mentioned is our dear friend and colleague Simon Turkas  Like Hall, Simon is not officially a Grimnien but he helps us out a lot with tweets. He is not a character, he is a real person – as far as I can tell! He has been a good friend to the team since the early days. You can visit Simon’s blog here: .

The Grimniens are here to give exposure to creative people. To get the most promotion possible you are advised to follow all members of the team – even Meadow!

2 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. A most informative chapter, indeed! But I must add that Gongle is deluded if he thinks I’m going to introduce him to my paltry royalties. I’m an author, yes, but not a very successful one! 😉


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