Chapter 6

One of the first followers I was attracted towards on Twitter was Paul Morgan: @geordietaf

His tweets kept popping up on my timeline and making me laugh. After several weeks of reading his tweets I decided to go and investigate…………

It turned out that Paul was tweeting lines from his book; The Slipkin Papers Here are a few of the tweets that caught my eye:

‘The kind of mouse to whom you handed over all your cheese in the hope it would leave you alone.’

‘Hitler spun round and flung out a rigid Nazi salute:“Heil… Heil me!” he screamed.’

“Go ahead punk,” said Queen Elizabeth II, “make one’s day!”

“It would defeat the object of eternal damnation if you could pop out for a breather.”

“Say what you like,” said the smaller soldier, “the Fuhrer knows how to work a crowd.”

Father Kennealy has baboon trouble. It’s drinking his scotch

Now, maybe you can see why I was so intrigued…………….or maybe not!

I had to buy the book – even though I’m not a fan of fantasy fiction. I spent the next few weeks chuckling to myself and occasionally laughing out loud then I started to read the book! Muwahahahahaha (an expression I picked up in Twitterland)

Paul became a good friend to the Grimniens and we had some hilarious banter with him! Unfortunately we rarely communicate with him these days, he says it’s because he’s busy but I think we are just too surreal for him, LOL!

In a way, reading The Slipkin Papers partly inspired this book because I thought……’If Paul can get away with it, so can I!!……………….

In the early days I think Paul was a little bit wary of us. (This is often the case with new followers) He didn’t quite know how to take us and when Gongle’s girlfriend, AnMarie started flirting with him in order to make the imp jealous, it prompted the following reaction:

Paul Morgan@geordietaf

@GongleShanks @andj7871 @Grimnian Unlike you young whippersnappers, I am old, bald, overweight and happily married to a gorgeous lawyer.

Our delightful imp responded:

VoiceBoxLive@GongleShanks 29 Apr 2013@geordietaf @andj7871 @Grimnian Paul! What have I told you about writing these lonely hearts ads!!

Paul came back immediately with:

Paul Morgan@geordietaf  @GongleShanks @andj7871 @Grimnian Not enough, clearly.

 Mmmmmm, well, it was funny at the time!

In the early days the ‘banter’ was mainly between Paul, Anmarie and me:

Paul Morgan@geordietaf  @andj7871 @GongleShanks Don’t you think it’s time he settled down, raised a family – you know, the whole pipe and slippers thing?

VoiceBoxLive@GongleShanks @geordietaf @andj7871 Ann? What do you think? I don’t think you’re quite ready for a pipe and slippers are you dear?

I should mention at this point that Paul was very supportive of our venture and sent out lots of retweets for us as well as giving us a lot of laughs. It was around this time that we gathered several new friends who, I am pleased to say, are still with us today. Firstly along came:

J.P. Lane

I have to say that she was a great sport from the word go! Jp is a very successful author but of course that means diddly squat to our Gongleshanks who immediately teased her about her writing telling her he would teach her how to write properly! We at Grimnien headquarters held our breath until JP responded by joining in with Gongle’s banter. She is a good friend and still interacts when she can although obviously she is busy writing!

We also befriended Deb Houdek Rule

She is another lady with a great sense of humour. Our imp insisted on telling her ‘blonde’ jokes to our horror! She took it all with a pinch of salt and even went on a date with Morton Balthus! After he dumped her she tweeted that she worshipped the slime he slithered in…….mmmmmmm, yes we like Deb!

It was also around this time that Sian Lloyd started to communicate with us as well. As luck would have it, she has stuck with us all the way and agreed to be our sponsor!

@SianWeather Looking for upcoming musicians, poets, comedians to perform on our virtual stage: … … rt… …please?

Sian Lloyd@SianWeather

@GongleShanks I know a few Weather comedians who might suit…..! x

VoiceBoxLive@GongleShanks 23 Apr 2013

@SianWeather You mean the ones who tell us it will be sunny then laugh at us struggling with our umbrellas?

I can’t introduce all of our followers here but I would just like to mention that Jana Grissom came on the scene at this time, and it was very funny because she didn’t really ‘get’ Gongle at first. She later admitted that she was very annoyed with the way he spoke to his girlfriend and came in to ‘stick up for her’. When Gongle chatted her up her response was:

Jana Grissom@janagrissom 23 Apr 2013

@GongleShanks @andj7871 good thing ur upside down or my husband would help u out with that LoL is Ann upside down?

I can also reveal after reading through some early tweets that David E Manuel introduced himself to the Grimniens, so no one is to blame!

As our followers continue to grow, so does our team!  At the time of this post, there are now thirteen of us:

Grimnien, Gongleshanks, Morton, Meadow, Garli, Ursula, Killgin, Wendel, Anmarie, Gothicka, Simon, Kara and Garlan. We also regard Hall as one of the team even though she’s not ‘officially’ a Grimnien and of course Sian is our sponsor.

Although it may seem that many of our team don’t tweet as often these days, they are busy working ‘behind the scenes’ and we hope to have news about the website very soon.


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