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Hello everyone

In case you’re wondering what’s going on at VBL Towers here’s a little update:

Thw Grimney wizards and elves are still beavering away at updating our virtual theatre and we are now on track for an Autumn launch. Our new team members, K and James R Hahn are also heavily involved with the process and are very excited to be part of it.

Melodie Melia will also be returning later in the year with a brand new series of ‘Hidden Gems’ which – she tells me – will be a monthly feature. She is currently ‘scouting’ for new artistes to interview so stand by your beds!

Don’t forget you can always catch up with us by visiting our website: thelamaison.co.uk There are links in there to all our various ventures as well as information about the team, there is also lots to entertain you from poetry and art to music – including a page dedicated to all our ‘Hidden Gems’ from series one.

Gongle is recruiting!…………. I am looking for two or three bloggers who would like a regular slot on the above website. There is NO PAY…..before you start asking, just the Kudos of working for a great Megastar:-) If you are interested please send your ideas to Gongleshanks@hotmail.co.uk

Please note there will be no Steve Luff show for the next two weeks but ‘The Luff’ will be back on the 12th August with lots of great music and banter!

Can I respectfully request that people stop gathering round my car and taking photographs? It is most annoying when I’m trying to quietly go about my daily business incognito!

Temp 2792

Love Gongle x





World famous artists to join VBL

After meetings with Grimnien I am pleased to tell you that James R. Hahn and K Hahn are joining the Grimnien team. They have seen our new site working and were so impressed that they were keen to get onboard and support our venture! They are working with our technical director to make some changes to the site which will hopefully be ready to launch later this summer.

For those who haven’t seen it, below is a Press release which has been put out by James and K.

We are delighted to welcome James and K into our little family. More news soon!


Love Gongle x

Inspired to write a blog!

I have just read a blog post written by@Kirsten124 I

It was an interesting read and it got me thinking………….

Kirsten manages Robb Murphy, a lovely lad and a great songwriter who is featured in our ‘Hidden Gems’ series. She was prompted to write the blog after receiving a comment from someone advising her that:

“…you have the wrong understanding of how the music business works”

Some of the points Kirsten made in her blog resonated with me. I will put a link to her blog at the end of this one so that you can read it in full but it got me thinking that much of what she said in her post applies to what we Grimniens do on Twitter.

I think it’s fair to say that none of our team are ‘experts’ at what we do but we are learning as we go along. The main thing is that we do what we do because we have a vision and a passion for the arts and artistic people and as Kirsten says:

“The only thing that really matters is to do what you love, do what brings you energy, do what makes you feel good, do what you’re good at and become better. (This counts for anyone, regardless if you’re a musician/artist or not.) Don’t take any of the negative things happening personal. Just move on and surround yourself with people who motivate you, work with like-minded people and stay true to yourself.

Keep doing your own thing, do what feels right. Try new things and always keep in mind with everything you do that it’s always better to try and fail than a couple of years later thinking ‘What if…’ Believe in yourself, trust your instincts and never give up on what you love doing.”

That sums up (quite eloquently) our ethos. We are all like minded people, we believe in ourselves and we will never give up because we love what we are doing!

Yes, I’m sure we’ve made mistakes along the way and I, being a ‘very cheeky imp’ have also received ‘advice’ from a few folk but in general our followers tend to stay with us and also have faith in what we are trying to do.

One problem I find with having so many followers is that I tend to lose touch with people unless they actively keep in touch with me. I have just been chatting to a member of the team who commented that there is “so much talent out there” I have been astounded by just how many talented folk there are ‘out there’ since I arrived on this planet but I firmly believe that all creative people deserve a chance to be seen and heard and that is why we are here!

We try to highlight as many people as possible and will always retweet our followers’ tweets so if you have something you want retweeted don’t be shy! Send your tweets to one – or all of our team and pop in and have a chat whenever we are around. Remember we are here for YOU.

If you still aren’t sure who the team members are we are all listed on our website:thelamaison.co.uk

If you would like to read Kirsten’s blog you can find it here:

Thank you Kirsten for prompting me to write a post and by the way we think you are doing a FINE job for Robb!

As always, thank you for continuing to follow and support us, we couldn’t do what we do without you!


Love Gongle x




An update from Gongle

Hello everyone

I just wanted to share some very exciting news with you from our friend – and a previous hidden gem – Caitlin Grey.  I am going to copy her newsletter here for you to read, I hope you will all get behind the lovely lady and support her new venture:-)

Hello my lovelies!

YAY….WOOHOO!!! Well here it is as promised…the BIG news about my new venture that I mentioned to you the last time I wrote. Stay with me folks, this one’s a bit longwinded!

This is ‘Sapphire’…my sanctuary, my home, my inspiration. Indeed, she really is the inspiration behind the name of my brand new company that I’m launching with my co-writer Neil today. YAY!!!

Are you excited? I know I am! I’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you all about it.

A bit of background…..

Now, if you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you’ll know that I sold my house a couple of years ago and moved onto a narrow boat, in order to pursue my dream of making music. So far, it’s been fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Great stuff has happened… I’ve released my second album The Promise after a very long wait, even sold a few copies (THANKYOU!), had some fab radio play, some amazing reviews, some wonderful gigs and met (in real life & virtually) some incredible new friends…..you know who you are! None of this would have been possible if I’d stayed where I was. However, as you know, the life of an independent artist is very much a case of feast or famine (generally more famine than feast!) and a regular income is something unheard of really. So, for about a year or so, Neil & I have been scratching our heads wondering how we could ‘up the anti’, financially speaking, because I’m getting blisters standing in the pasta aisle of supermarkets demonstrating ‘Uncle Ben’s Sizzle & Stir’!
Something needed to be done!    Then we had a light bulb moment and came up with a fab way to enable us to continue making music for you all (more albums both Celtic & otherwise!) and make a proper living….making music. FINGERS CROSSED!

Hence my new venture!
I say new as it’s a new company, new website and new ideas, but actually it’s something both Neil and I have been doing now and again for many years, but only when the opportunity arose or someone asked us to write something. This time though, we’ve been pro-active, pooling our creative resources and savings and we’ve actually formed a company. Ooh!
May I present to you… (drum roll please)… Ta DAH!!!!

Say what??? Yes, we’ve launched an online music library creating both royalty free and custom music for sync licensing. What the dickens I hear you cry!

For those of you who haven’t a Scooby doo (clue!) what I’m talking about…I’ll explain. When a piece of music or a song is used in a film, ad, video, podcast etc., this is called synchronisation, as the music is ‘synced up’ to the moving image. To use music in this way generally costs much more than just buying it as a single track for personal use and it needs a special licence with, quite often, permission from the composer. Most music for soundtrack use has to be paid for in advance and then royalties are also paid in a residual manner.
Royalty free music is simply music that is purchased in the same way, but without the on-going royalty payments. So, royalty free music doesn’t mean free music, it just means that the music is paid for only once, upfront, with no other fees. Royalty free music if often used by folks who have limited budgets so it’s perfect for students, small businesses and independent media companies or podcast hosts. Licences to use these sorts of tracks are generally priced at anything from $10 to $100. For TV & film, it’s much more. We’ve set our price at a jolly reasonable rate so anyone can afford to get their project going with some super music for soundtracks. Custom music is exactly what it says on the tin…music written (by us!) for a specific project. Am I making sense? Think I need a cup of tea now……where are the biscuits…..*mutters incoherently*……

I’m back…with tea!
So, why a music library?

As Neil and I have written heaps of music over the years of all kinds, it seemed a really good idea to put it all online, making it available for anyone to license for use in media projects.  So we did…and Sapphire Music Productions was born!
Once we’d collated all the music we’d written, I locked Neil in the bunker…er, studio with a month’s supply of ginger biscuits and he set about mixing, mastering and generally working his magic on all the tracks. As you can imagine, all this takes time, so we’ve decided to go ahead and launch with the bare minimum number of tracks. To be honest, I was too excited to wait any longer. We fashioned the music into a coherent catalogue which we’ll be adding to every week until there are lots of tracks available in every conceivable genre. Of course, this means that poor Neil is still beavering away at the music (I wonder if he’s eaten all the biccies yet?) while my voice has been on holiday (pesky flu!). For my part, I’ve designed a new website…..I know, get me eh? Actually, I used Bandzoogle. It’s fairly idiot proof.. let’s face it, it needs to be with me around!
Just to let you know, the music is mostly instrumental but we will be adding vocal tracks along the way, as we develop the site. SO EXCITING!!!Click here to Browse the new site and listen to some tracks.

LOVELY NEW FREE TRACK AND Breath of Heavenagain!

You….my newsletter chums, far and near, are very dear to me. In fact, you’re a very special bunch indeed and I wanted to do something spiffy for you in celebration of the new Sapphire Music Productions launch. So, I’ve chosen a rather nice chill-out ambient track, Sky Blue Dreams from our small but growing selection for you to download FREE! It comes with a Standard Royalty Free licence, so it’s ready to use as a soundtrack straight away. Some of you may have a professional use for it, ie. the music is perfect for lots of projects from corporate videos, podcasts, On-Hold music & YouTube videos to student films & gaming videos…all sorts. So, if you have a project or know someone who needs music, here’s your opportunity to grab a FREE track.
Click here to download Sky Blue Dreams
Click here to download your Standard Royalty Free licence.I have also put a link to my version of Breath of Heaven…again for anyone who doesn’t have it already, or as a pressie for someone else!
Click here to download Breath of Heaven
Also, if you have a minute or so, do have a look around the new site and check out the music.

Click here to browse the tracks.

I would be absolutely thrilled & so incredibly grateful if you would help spread the word about the new venture by sharing the new site on your social media pages and so forth. That would be a huge help in getting the word out there. Ooh.. on that note, we’ve got new social media accounts too….yay!
I’d love you to follow Sapphire on Twitter here- @Sapphire_MProds
Maybe you might like to subscribe to Sapphire on YouTube here- Sapphire Music TV

Tell me what you think!

I would dearly love to hear your thoughts on the new venture, what you think of the website, the name etc?  I’m truly excited by it and I hope you are too? You know, none of this would be possible without you and your unflinching support…you give me faith & hope & love! Do drop me a line by replying to this email and let me know. You know I love hearing from you.

Plans for the future

If Sapphire Music does well….’Of course it will!???….our hope is that in time, this will generate a good income, enabling us to carry on with all our other music…our songs and videos (fret not, I’ve not forgotten the Boat Sessions!). I’ve chosen some of the song ideas you sent in to record when I can get some studio time. Fingers crossed!
In terms of Sapphire Music, in the not too distant future, the next step will also be to invite other composers to join the Sapphire Music site, giving a credible, safe platform for artists to (hopefully) make a bit of money from compositions that might otherwise never see the light of day!
We’ll also be offering the entire ‘Caitlin Grey’ catalogue for licensing, although this won’t be royalty free.

One more thing……

There is one more thing to add here. I generally don’t talk about my other half ‘B’, as he’s quite shy, very private and not in the music business but, on this occasion, I couldn’t leave him out of the proceedings. He has been incredibly supportive of my madcap life, my bonkers ideas and passion for my music. Quite simply, without his faith in me and his support, in all respects, my dreams would be just that…pipe dreams…without any real hope of coming true. So I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Until next time….
Much love,
Your friend in music, Caitlin XXXX

PS. Call of the Clans blog coming next newsletter.)

PPS. I’d love to carry on sending you the odd newsletter with exclusive music release updates, freebies and spiffy stuff, but if you don’t want to hear from me again…no problem at all, just click on unsubscribe and it’s done!


A little catchup

Hello everyone

There has been lots going on at Grimney Towers so for those of you who may have missed our tweets here is a litle catchup so that you don’t miss anything.

Our book site is proving to be  very popular and Ursula and Book attic are running a very interesting competition.All the details can be found on the site:   If you scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Home’ page you will find the competitions there.

There is a ton of information on our website about all of our various ventures and it is updated regularly so you should keep the link and visit often:thelamaison.co.uk

There’s lots on there to keep you entertained including poetry readings from our very own Grimnien: … … …a page where you can listen to songs and watch videos from our hidden gems: http://www.thelamaison.co.uk/hidden-gems    and some poems that have been written by the Grimniens including our official poet laureate: @Talk2PeaceX   

Poet Laureate ‘Peace’

 in Poetry corner: http://www.thelamaison.co.uk/poetry-corner:

Steve Luff
Steve Luff

Don’t forget you can catch up with all the Celebrity gossip at: Celebrity VoiceBox – ‘News, reviews, interviews & gossip … and read music reviews from:@SteveLuffRadio  and articles and interviews from @carro111  @Notsowiseowl28 , @aine425 and  Melodie Melia.



Kara’s newspaper: The VoiceBoxLive Chronicle – Paper.li is now a weekly newspaper which is published every Sunday and jam packed full of interesting stories from the previous week. You should subscribe to the paper and you will receive an email when it’s published. You will never miss an issue!

Kara Jarina






And of course if you are still not familiar with the Grimniens and what we do (Where HAVE you been!) you can read all about who we are at thelamaison.co.uk

Thank you for all your support:-)

Love Gongle x


A little update

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d better have a little catch up with all the latest news. It’s been a busy year for us Grimniens so far. MineEye is taking off in spectacular fashion thanks to the magnanimous efforts of@UrsulaLygarlis @Book_Attic and @Grimnien

Their tireless promoting has ensured that our technical director, Robert has been kept busy and therefore out of trouble!James Clode

The delightful @aine425    has joined the writers at Celebrity VoiceBoxLive. We are very pleased to have Annie on the team! If you haven’t read it you can see her interview with   @JamesClode  here: … …

If you haven’t visited our website yet you can find links to all our various ventures and we now have an art gallery and a photography studio on there where all you budding artists and photographers can display your work, for free of course!  If you would like to send photos or artwork to be shown in the galleries please email a link to: Gongleshanks@hotmail.co.uk

The website can be found here: thelamaison.co.uk

We are now on facebook (Due to poular demand) Please come and ‘like’ our page:

Please continue to support us so that we can continue to support you!

More exciting things are in the pipeline I’m thinking of sendingVoiceBoxLive


in there to fetch them out, muwahahaha! so stay tuned for more news to come shortly.


As s always, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your continued support!

Love Megastar Gongle x


Happy New Year!

Yes I know it’s belated but A very Happy new year to all our followers, I can’t believe we’re still in January as so much has happened since Christmas!

Firstly our MineEye manager, Ursula  has been busy, not only has she created a newspaper which focuses mainly on book related matters but she has also set up a ‘promotional blog’ which links in directly to MineEye and helps to promote the authors’ books.




She might act daft on Twitter that Ursula but she’s actually quite compus mentus when it comes to promoting books!



Our unsung hero wizard, Rob is also doing a tremendous job under the weight of all the new books that keep arriving for him to work his magic on.

In case you haven’t seen it we also have a website now which links to all our various sites: http://www.thelamaison.co.uk/

On top of all that the ‘Grimnien’ team continues to tweet for all our creatives and are soon going to be promoting our venture outside of Twitter.

Kara has changed The VoiceBoxLive Chronicle – Paper.li to a weekly paper now in order to dedicate more time working ‘behind the scenes’




Oh when will the beautiful Kara agree to marry me!




We have lots of ‘best laid plans’ for 2016 so stay tuned! As always your continued support is very much appreciated!

Love Gongle x


Winner announcement

Hello all and a very happy new year:-)

I have received the following from Ursula regarding our recent competition:

Our January MineEye competition has come to end and the entries have been tallied. One very special winner will receive a £20 Amazon voucher! Another will get a signed print copy of Victoria Allred’s Taken.

Here is our very long list of ebooks to be awarded!

Girl with the Blue Umbrella by Heather Awad
Fantasy Child- The Key to the Kingdom by  Gavin Paul Carter
Bitter is the Salt by James Willard and Gavin Carter
Taken by Victoria Allred

Check your emails! Your MineEye representative will be contacting you shortly with your prize!

Congratulations to our lucky winners. A new competition will be announced shortly:-)
Love Gongle x

Happy Christmas

Hello everybody

Just wanted to wish all our followers a Very Happy Christmas from all the VBL team:-)

Thank you for all your support in 2015 and we have more in store for you in 2016 so stick with us!

Love Gongleshanks, Grimnien, Morton, AnMarie, Kara, Steve, Peace the poet, Ursula, Astrid, Lochy, Book Attic, Garlan, Garli, Rob, Wendel, Killgin, Meadow, Talos, Sian, Shona and Caroline:-)