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A little catchup

Hello everyone

There has been lots going on at Grimney Towers so for those of you who may have missed our tweets here is a litle catchup so that you don’t miss anything.

Our book site is proving to be  very popular and Ursula and Book attic are running a very interesting competition.All the details can be found on the site:   If you scroll down to the bottom of the ‘Home’ page you will find the competitions there.

There is a ton of information on our website about all of our various ventures and it is updated regularly so you should keep the link and visit often:thelamaison.co.uk

There’s lots on there to keep you entertained including poetry readings from our very own Grimnien: … … …a page where you can listen to songs and watch videos from our hidden gems: http://www.thelamaison.co.uk/hidden-gems    and some poems that have been written by the Grimniens including our official poet laureate: @Talk2PeaceX   

Poet Laureate ‘Peace’

 in Poetry corner: http://www.thelamaison.co.uk/poetry-corner:

Steve Luff
Steve Luff

Don’t forget you can catch up with all the Celebrity gossip at: Celebrity VoiceBox – ‘News, reviews, interviews & gossip … and read music reviews from:@SteveLuffRadio  and articles and interviews from @carro111  @Notsowiseowl28 , @aine425 and  Melodie Melia.



Kara’s newspaper: The VoiceBoxLive Chronicle – Paper.li is now a weekly newspaper which is published every Sunday and jam packed full of interesting stories from the previous week. You should subscribe to the paper and you will receive an email when it’s published. You will never miss an issue!

Kara Jarina






And of course if you are still not familiar with the Grimniens and what we do (Where HAVE you been!) you can read all about who we are at thelamaison.co.uk

Thank you for all your support:-)

Love Gongle x



Hello from Gongleshanks

Hello everybody

Just a little update………..

Firstly you may have noticed that our name has changed from Grimnian Promotions to Voice Box Promotions. This is in anticipation of our soon to be launched website Voice Box. It has taken some time to develop but will be coming soon and I’m sure it will be worth the wait so watch this space…………

Next I will shortly be closing the website: http://www.gongleshanks.co.uk

The reason for this is that Grimnian will be incorporating competitions within the new site and all the judges will remain the same. It was an experimental site and didn’t ‘take off’ quite as quickly as we expected it to. We have discussed this and with our main site being imminent it seemed the sensible thing to do.

As you know we are a ‘company in progress’ so please stick with us as we develop. Our followers are growing daily and we appreciate all of you. We are here primarily for you to help you to gain exposure whatever genre of the arts you operate in. The development of the site has been a much bigger operation than was first anticipated but we hope to have a launch date for you in the near future.

As always, thank you from our hearts to all of our new followers and those who continue to retweet us. Our team is also growing and we extend a very warm ‘Grimnian’ welcome to our newest member and supporter of poetry, Killgin Stark. Welcome to our happy family and thank you for your hard work and support:-)

Please continue to help us to help you. We love the arts and all of you extremely creative people ‘out there’.

May all of your dreams come to fruition – however long it takes!

Love Gongle x

Update from Gongle

Hello folks:-)

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, I’ve been busy hiding from Mad Meadow! Only joking but she does keep me on my fingers. You know when they say ‘Careful what you wish for’? well I think I’m beginning to understand that statement now. If you’d told me a month ago that a pretty lady would turn up and offer to do all my cooking/cleaning and ironing if I married her I would have been turning cartwheels but now it’s happened I’m not too sure……

She IS very pretty and very willing to please – she is a Grimnian after all – but there’s just something about her…..it’s difficult to explain, I just can’t quite put my toe on it……….We’ll just have to see what happens I suppose.

Anyway you don’t want to hear all about my love life…..What was that? You do? oh well I actually came to give you an update on the website. I am still in the process of finding more judges. I think the technical bits are just about sorted now and I will be posting another ‘free to enter’ competition shortly.

It’s all been a bit crazy but we should be able to post a ‘cash’ competition soon now so keep checking the website. In case you’ve forgotten the address is: http://www.Gongleshanks.co.uk

I should also have an update for you on the main site, MineEye before too much longer. We may look like part timers but believe me there is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes!

As always if you have any comments or suggestions I am always pleased to hear from you. Either leave a comment on the blog or email me: Gongle22@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you all for your continuing support of the Grimnians. We really do appreciate all of our followers and all the mentions and retweets. Don’t forget you can ask any of us for a retweet by tagging us, I know some of you are shy but that’s why we’re here. We try to retweet as many of you as possible. If you haven’t had any promotion for some time please remind us.
We are only Grimnian after all!

Love Gongle x

Exciting news from Gongle

Hello everybody

The website is coming along nicely, it has been a challenge I won’t lie but I’m quite pleased with the way it’s looking so far There are still some technical bits to be sorted but to try it out I am going to run a competition which is free to enter. This is a trial just to check everything is working so far. Watch out for it, it will be announced shortly so get your quills and harpsichords ready!

If you are an expert in your field, particularly art and you would like to be a judge send an email please to gongle22@hotmail.co.uk

As always, your comments/suggestions are always welcome, it is a work in progress:-)

Our main site ‘MineEye’ is also coming soon and we are all very excited about the imminent launch.

Thank you to all our followers for believing in Grimnian Promotions, with your help we are growing – and learning together!

Love Gongle x

I have launched the competition now. Visit http://www.gongleshanks.co.uk for more details:-)

A note from Gongle

Hello everybody

I am still building the competition website and gathering judges ready for the launch. I thought you might like a sneak preview at what I have been building so you can see I’m not JUST a pretty face:-)

You are welcome to send praise……..erm comments about the site and I will take note of all the positive ones.

I am tweeting a bit when I get the time so keep following me!

Here is the new website: http://www.Gongleshanks.co.uk

Love Gongle x

PS OK you will have to be patient with dear old Gongle! The website is going BESERK! I currently have an engineer looking at it. Please ignore tweets about the website until I have killed the gremlins! Not quite the genius I thought I was Lol!

Thank you x