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An update from the Mighty Gongle:-)

Hello to my ever growing army of fans including lovely weather girl Sian Lloyd who swoons at the mere mention of my name:-)I really must apologise for my lack of communication this week. I am having major refurbishments on my mansion on my private island and have had to return here to oversee things. I should also apologise on behalf of Meadow Goblinglitter (otherwise known as Meadowdragon. )I have brought her with me to help as I had three months worth of ironing to do. Of course she is delighted because ironing is her very favourite pastime!

Now I’m quite sure that nobody will have missed the dragon caller but I realise that millions of you will be pining for me and missing me like crazy so I thought I would delight you with an impromptu blog. Even my fiancee doesn’t know that I’m here in my magnificent hideaway. I didn’t have time to inform anyone because it was all very last minute. I decided that I needed to be here and keep an eye on the workmen otherwise they would be relaxing in my pool all day and dragging the job out, you KNOW what workmen are like!

Meadow and myself will be here until at least the end of next week. I know that Meadow is trying to tweet whenever possible whereas I, being the most revered of megastars am using the time to catch up with some relaxation. I’m basically lazing by the pool all day and drinking lots of (non-alcoholic) champagne. The truth is when I get to my little paradise island you lot are the last thing on my mind!

Meadow is excited because she has discovered lots of new talent on the internet whilst she’s been taking breaks from the ironing and if she isn’t talking much she is trying to share some of this talent with you.  She is raving about some people she found, for example some group called The Beatles, she’s going on and on and on about them! To be quite honest she’s driving me mad, every two minutes she thinks she’s discovered ‘The next big thing’ <YAWN> I’m leaving her to it because, if nothing else, it keeps her out of my hair!

She’s going on about some guy called Gerry Rafferty today. No doubt he’ll sink without trace but just humour her, she thinks she can spot talent! That woman! She drives me MAD but……she isn’t half good at ironing!

I should say thank you for all the retweets and messages from new followees too. Gongle loves you all.

Ann if you’re reading this, I will pop over on Friday and bring you here for the weekend to make up for my absence, I think it’s about time we started planning our wedding, don’t you sweet pea?Anyway I better go, my staff have prepared a sumptuous feast for me and Meadow’s screeching about some guy called Tom Petty now! <rolls eyes>

Take care until I return my lovelies. You can get retweets from the other Grimnians in the meantime:-)

Love to you all

Gongle x


A book by Gongleshanks

Gongle's book

I am extremely proud to introduce a very special book . This has been hidden better than the new Royal baby – in fact I’m glad Prince George of Cambridge appeared when he did because it took the heat off my security people who have been keeping this special occasion under wraps in order to give Gongle’s fans a humungous surprise!

Many of you know that Gongle is a megastar and you are about to find out why:-) My spectacular poetry book has been released. I should warn you that the book is a limited edition of five hundred million so grab a copy before they’re gone!

I am also a little bit annoyed with Grimnian. He’s been a bit naughty I’m afraid and waved his magic wand over the book. I also noticed him snapping a piece of elastic. When I asked him about it he looked a bit embarrassed because he hadn’t realised anyone was watching.

Anyway he confessed that he has put a magic spell on the book and I thought it only fair to warn you! If you buy a copy you will be safe. It’s just that………anyone who doesn’t buy it will keep finding themselves in embarrassing situations. Erm I don’t know quite how to break this to you but……….anyone who doesn’t buy the book will keep finding that their underwear has fallen down around their ankles in highly populated areas such as shopping centres or during important meetings such as job interviews or a meeting with future in-laws.

I am really sorry about this, if I had realised what the wizard was doing I would have stopped him.  Please just buy the book? I hate the thought of my lovely twitter followers standing in the middle of a shopping centre with their underwear around their ankles…………..

Anyway, the thing is it happens to be the best poetry book that’s ever been written anyway and proceeds will help the funding of MineEye so it’s a win win situation:-)

You can buy the book here:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/gongle-shanks/life-lines/paperback/product-21128331.html

It is also available on kindle: amazon.com/dp/B00E7GWDWG 

Love Gongle x