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Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes!

Hello everybody. Just a few things to report. First and foremost we have a new website! The address is: https://grimneypromotions.wordpress.com/  Please check in regularly to keep up with our latest news and feel free to send us your comments and suggestions as always:-)

Next I have to inform you that Ursula has left the ‘Grimney’ team due to ‘R’ world commitments. All the team wish her well and sincerely hope that she will return to us in the future. You are sadly missed Ursula…..particularly your ‘poisoned’ wine ha ha.

The next series of Hidden Gems has been postponed due to our writers’ diaries being full, apologies for any disappointment but please remember that our team are all volunteers with lives outside of Twitter. We do our best to keep on top of things but it isn’t always possible due to the number of hours in your human days!

I would jump in and help the team but unfortunately (for them) I am a Megastar – in case you didn’t know – and we Megastars don’t do menial tasks as we are too busy living the Megastar lifestyle. You may think I’m being unfair but think about it logically, you wouldn’t like to see me appearing in public looking dishevelled due to me running around doing work now would you? I have a duty to my public to be handsome and cool at all times you see. When did you last see a Megastar doing actual work??……come to think of it, when did you last see a Megastar??

Anyway I must go because all this talking about the w word is making me feel quite uneasy, I must go and sip champagne by my pool and read my book:-)

Enjoy the new website and as always, Thankyou for your continued support.

Love Gongle x


Who’s going to kill Meadow Goblinglitter?

Hello fans!
I can’t believe the blog post that Meadow posted here yesterday! Tch, Women! I thought I’d better just let you know that I’m alive and kicking so you can all come out of mourning now:-)

Hopefully my little prank will teach Ursula not to be led on by that CLAM! I think he encouraged her to feed me berries believing them to be poisonous. They weren’t of course but I pretended to be ill so that Ursula would see the error of her ways:-)

Morton is extremely jealous of me and will do anything to get rid of me you see but, fear not, I am going NOWHERE!

I met up with some old friends in the woods who were having a wild party so I decided to join them to make it a party to remember for them:-)

I am extremely angry with Meadow as I’ve now heard that she told AnMarie, my girlfriend, that I had asked her to marry me. I would like to set the record straight right now, I did NOT ask Meadow to marry me. I think she thought I was dead and that if she told people that, she would inherit all my worldly goods, my island, private jet, classic cars and the billions stashed in my bank.

That’s the trouble with being so rich and handsome, you have to learn to spot the ‘gold diggers’ Fortunately, apart from being mega rich and painfully handsome I alao have a wonderful personality so in most cases when women ‘come on to me’ I know it’s genuine because they just can’t resist my charms.

Anyway, I apologise for the terrible shock you must have all had on reading Meadow’s post but you can relax I am very much alive:-)

Love Gongle x

Still awesome after all these years

Hello folks

Just wanted to give you a little update on the wedding plans:-) If you are Grimnien you will understand how I got confused by thinking we would sign a six month renewable contract which is normal  – and sensible – practice in Grimney. Obviously it is up to the male of the species to decide if the contract is renewed but my earth fiancee is now insisting that SHE signs the contract!

I am still reeling from the shock of her suggestion as you can imagine.  As far as I know the wedding is still going ahead but obviously there are going to be some cultural differences which will need to be addressed before the big day.

I am very fond of the lady, Kirsten too, again all perfectly normal for a red blooded Grimnien but this seems to have ruffled a few feathers too. I did offer to marry them both but even Kirsten got irate at the suggestion so I quickly tried to resolve the situation by suggesting we all just live together and forget the wedding. It seems that this is also unacceptable on this planet ! It is difficult to know how to solve these problems at times, it seems earth rules are quite strict on these matters. It may be that I will have to marry my Ann then sneak out occasionally to visit Kirsty….erm sorry, Kirsten!

Anyway don’t concern yourselves I’m sure everything will be ok by October 18th:-)

I would just like to share a tweet with you which I received from a new fan who plays loud music and is aiming to be a megastar like yours truly. The tweet – I feel – sums up how everyone feels about me, I’m sure you will agree:-)


You have impeccable tastes…in EVERYTHING. People either want to be you or be with you. How am I doing?

Love Gongle x

Your favourite megastar is back!

Hello all

As you know by now I have been on my private island with my lovely fiancee and the nightmare that is Meadow! Although in fairness she has ironed ALL my clothes while she’s been there.

Some of you will be receiving invitations to our wedding which is taking place in the autumn (or ‘fall’ if you’re one of those strange American types) Ann is deciding on the date and as soon as I know, you’ll know.

The wedding will be held on my island in the Mediterranean and I will be ordering a couple of cruise liners to get guests there.

We are also putting on a live show and inviting many superstars to perform. The only confirmed performer so far is the magnificent Retrobot and I’m hoping that Ann will agree to walk down the aisle to his – soon to be released single – Chocolate Bot. When I say aisle, the ceremony will be taking place on the beach so I may have to get Sketch to draw an aisle in the sand with one of her twigs!

I am currently in Miami but will be returning to Twitterland for Sketch’s 105th birthday tomorrow. Ann and Meadow have gone out to buy her a present.

I can’t miss her party, she’s having balloons and everything and you KNOW what a party animal I am!

I have asked David E Manuel to be best man at our wedding. I am awaiting his response. I did think of asking Grimnien but……………..well, to be honest I was afraid he might upset my bride by turning up in a nicer dress than hers!

Anyway I just thought I’d let you know your favourite tweeter is back and catch you up with the news. Stay tuned and watch out for your wedding invitations!

Love Gongle x


Hello fans!

I know you’ll be overjoyed to know that I’m back from my little adventure. Being a megastar, every once in a while I like to slip away and pretend to be normal for a while. I like to do things that ordinary people do, that’s why I’m such a grounded megastar you see.

Millions of my readers will know what a fantastically superb megastar I am and that I am ‘babe magnet’ personified. You don’t need me to tell you what a talented writer I am, no….indeed my marvellous words speak for themselves but I am going to reveal a secret to you now that NONE of you know…………..

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat? Are you trembling with anticipation? Are you ready to hear a BIG secret that nobody in the universe knows?…………..

Forget Picasso, forget Dali, Kandinsky, Pollack, Warhol, Michelangelo, Vincent Van who? What you didn’t know is that……………

GONGLESHANKS is an AMAZING artist who puts all of the above in the shade……….

So………’Why is he telling us this?’ I hear you ask ‘It’s not like Gongle to brag’…………. Well, just over a week ago I decided to pack my paints and brushes and head off to a secret location. I prefer this location to remain secret because I don’t want to be inundated with fans and paparazzi next time I visit.

What I will tell you is that it is a very mountainous region with stunning…..nay, breathtaking views and I decided to create a masterpiece the likes of which you common people can only dream about creating.

Well, the trip began well. The sky was as blue as something that is very blue and the sun was glinting off the rocks like something that glints a lot so…………out came my paints and brushes and I set about creating my masterpiece. Painting is so relaxing and before I knew it two days had passed, then it happened……………..I ran out of paint! What was worse, I was only half way up the newly painted mountain…….oh hang on, it gets worse!

I realised that I would have to stay half way up the mountain until the paint dried! (Well I didn’t want blooming great hand prints all over my masterpiece) I had to sit half way up that mountain for a whole week! – I use very thick coats of paint when I paint things you see, which would also explain why I ran out of paint half way up.

Luckily I had lots of butties and crisps with me and two giant bottles of pop otherwise this expedition could have ended tragically and you could now be reading a newspaper article about how a megastar was found starved to death half way up……ooops I nearly let the location slip then!

Anyway when I got back I decided to fly straight off to Miami and spend the weekend with my girlfriend Ann before getting back to work with my barmy colleagues. I wish Grimnian would take on an intellectual to keep me company, I really don’t understand why he thinks I’ll be happy working alongside ‘people’ – I use the term loosely – who find enjoyment in continually slamming my head on the desk or leaving slime trails for me to unsuspectingly put my hands in. What you have to put up with in the search for talent! You have NO idea!

Now he’s taken on an old Knight who is falling apart – literally! Don’t get me wrong, Garlan seems very amiable but…..why oh why do we have to spend our energy refurbishing the staff before they can work efficiently? Has that wizard not heard of the job centre?? ………Actually they probably wouldn’t let him in wearing his sequined shorts!

Don’t worry though if you’re new here. Grimnians may be a strange gang – present company excepted – but one thing we all have in common is a desire to find and promote talented individuals. I have heard on the Grimnati vine that our new website is in the final stages so we should have some news in the not-too-distant-future.

Truth is I’m MUCH too good for this place but I do LOVE talented people and I’m hoping that when we move into our new MineEye office I will get an executive office suite all to myself, one  that befits a magnificent megastar.

I will be bringing the Featured artist spot back in the near future but with some changes. Watch this space.

OK ladies, you can resume your adoring tweets now but PLEASE don’t all rush at me at once, I need to be eased slowly back into work mode.

Love Gongle x