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A little update

Hello everyone!

I thought I’d better have a little catch up with all the latest news. It’s been a busy year for us Grimniens so far. MineEye is taking off in spectacular fashion thanks to the magnanimous efforts of@UrsulaLygarlis @Book_Attic and @Grimnien

Their tireless promoting has ensured that our technical director, Robert has been kept busy and therefore out of trouble!James Clode

The delightful @aine425    has joined the writers at Celebrity VoiceBoxLive. We are very pleased to have Annie on the team! If you haven’t read it you can see her interview with   @JamesClode  here: … …

If you haven’t visited our website yet you can find links to all our various ventures and we now have an art gallery and a photography studio on there where all you budding artists and photographers can display your work, for free of course!  If you would like to send photos or artwork to be shown in the galleries please email a link to: Gongleshanks@hotmail.co.uk

The website can be found here: thelamaison.co.uk

We are now on facebook (Due to poular demand) Please come and ‘like’ our page:

Please continue to support us so that we can continue to support you!

More exciting things are in the pipeline I’m thinking of sendingVoiceBoxLive


in there to fetch them out, muwahahaha! so stay tuned for more news to come shortly.


As s always, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your continued support!

Love Megastar Gongle x



Of Imps and Men………..

Hello to all my fans:-)

I just wanted to keep you ‘in the loop’ with what’s happening at Grimney Towers. As you know we are having some teething troubles with our new site but the wizards are beavering away to get it running smoothly. It is taking longer than we had hoped but please stick with us, I promise it will be worth waiting for and we have some extremely exciting announcements to make once we’ve killed all the Gremlins who crept in when we weren’t looking!

Our Head Honcho, Grimnien has been back to Grimney and returned with a super dooper wizard who is busy mixing magic potions and baking chocolate cakes. Unbeknown to those grisly gremlins who have invaded our state of the art building, he is feeding them cake laced with the special potion which is gradually shrinking them and we are hoping they will soon disappear forever!

The new wizard is going to be in charge of VBL Towers and we are all very excited because he is a truly magical wizard with awesome powers and he is being a great help to our boss wizard who has been tearing his hair out – at least he would have been if he had any:-) – wondering how to dispose of the plague of Gremlins.

It is just as frustrating for us Grimniens as it is for everyone in the Twitterverse but these things are sent to try us.  I mentioned earlier that we have some very exciting news for you and if VBL isn’t up and running soon I may just explode from keeping it to myself! As soon as we re-open the doors to the VBL Stadium I will ‘spill’ but for now we are all just going to have to be patient.

On a seperate note BIG congratulations to our friends ‘The James Clode Band’ who are playing at the 02 Arena on Saturday!……see what happens when you befriend the Grimniens:-)…..muwahahaha and also congratulations to their manager, the lovely Marilyn who is marrying John this weekend, they are going to be running around like blue bottomed flies methinks. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and we look forward to hearing all about both events.  Our sponsor Sian Lloyd will organise plenty of sunshine for you!

I apologise for my lack of communication lately but I’ve been quite busy in the ‘R’ world unfortunately. I am aiming to write chapter 13 of THE book soon so there’s something for you to look forward to:-)

In the meantime, as always THANK YOU to all of our followers and supporters. You are ALL greatly appreciated. Never forget that this venture is for all of you. Keep sending your tweets to the team, you are our life blood!

Love Gongle x

An Update from Gongle

Hello everyone:-)

As you probably know our ‘live streaming site’ Voice Box Live is almost ready to go! We are all very busy at the moment getting ready for the big launch! The tests haven’t been carried out yet as – I presume – there is some last minute tweaking to be done but, fear not, you will be the first to know when we have ‘Take Off’:-)

We have been concentrating on musicians because once we get the sound quality right for ‘groups’ the rest should be a doddle. I would like to point out, however, that VBL is not JUST for musicians. There are various channels for people to ‘perform’ on and you can promote anything from alternative performance such as burlesque – to cooking, book readings, art demonstrations, anything creative, it’s our very own TV channel! Where else could you put on your very own shows for a measly twelve quid a year?….eh? ……eh?……. Can’t answer that can you!

You may even be part of a drama group who wants to put on a play! Can you see why we’re so excited!! It’s going to be AMAZING!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Luff who has promoted many of our artists on his Friday night show on BlackCatRadio. We really appreciate people who have been helping to get the word out for us over the past couple of years. Thanks also to the lovely Dene Michael (The real one that is, not the imposter who pretends to be him! lol) Dene is also working on getting some ‘air time’ for our artists.

I should also say a big thank you to Sian Lloyd who not only gives us lots of publicity but takes our teasing with a pinch of salt! Lovely lady with a great Welsh sense of humour:-) We DO appreciate your help Sian.

Wow this is starting to sound like an Oscar ‘acceptance’ speech!

As far as our own team are concerned, it goes without saying how much every one of them are appreciated. We all do this for ‘love of the arts’ and, as you probably know, we are all volunteers who believe that ALL creative people should get a chance to be seen and heard and this is what Voice Box is all about. Grimnien is about to see the first part of his vision come to fruition! Oh yes, the wizard has more plans up his sleeve but more about that later……..

Some of our members have been given ‘positions’ within VBL ready for the launch and I’m sure we are all happy for them!

Our lovely AnMarie is now USA Promotions Manager, Kara is Admin manager (as well as editing our daily newspaper) and Garli will be ‘Senior Moderator’ once the site goes live.

We also have our very own Poet Laureate, Peace who will, no doubt be writing some amazing poetry for VBL:-)

One ‘post’ however has us all a little bemused, I’m talking about Slimeball, Morton of course! Whoever had the idea of making that slimy clam CEO??? (Clam Executive Officer) The first thing he did with his new found power was take ‘muggins ‘ere’ to tidy up his garden! I don’t think he’s quite grasped the idea, do you??

On that note I will leave you with this thought…………….


Love Gongle x

The moment you’ve been waiting for!

Hello everybody Well, it’s been a long time coming but……………I finally have news about our new site, Voice Box Live! The site is ready to launch subject to some final tests which will be happening over the next week or two.The site will launch in November 2016…….only joking! Of course it’s 2014! There will be a yearly fee of just £12 Members will be able to own a fifteen or thirty minute scheduled show. The System will have HD visuals and sound. There is  potential for multiple camera usage. Also it’s going to have automated twitter accounts for performers to promote through for free…… Grimnien, DhumassShrester, UrsulaLygarlis and MonicaKellis. There are 100,000 followers behind them! This is just a brief insight into what the possibilities will be. Once the site launches and any potential teething problems   are sorted it will all become as clear as mud!  LOL, speaking from a personal viewpoint of course. As you all know, inverted imps are not known for their technical skills! 🙂 If anyone is interested in helping out with admin for the site please contact our Admin manager:




Please be patient if we don’t get back straight away, things are a bit hectic at the moment 🙂

We will shortly be needing moderators for the site.

The ‘Grimniens’ will continue to interact and promote our lovely followers on Twitter but the new site will give you even more scope to be seen! We are all very excited that the project is finally getting underway and I will update you with news as I get it. Finally a very warm welcome to all our new followers. You probably know by now that we are here to help all creatives whether you are an artist, poet, musician, photographer, writer……………we welcome ALL creatives! Also thank you and please continue to spread the word about us.  Many of you retweet for us which we appreciate very much! We couldn’t do it without you. Feel free to join in with our ‘banter’ It’s a good way to get noticed without boring people with ‘advertising’ and we all enjoy a good laugh. You may have noticed that! We don’t take life too seriously which is why we are happy in our work! Remember, Gongle loves you all:-) x

A little update on the competition

Hello fans:-)

The competition ‘Make Gongle laugh’ is opening on the 1st May and will run until the end of June……..hang on, 30 days hath September April, June………and will run until the 30th June! So remember Gongle will be watching out for your funny tweets.

As well as the cash prize we will also be offering runner up prizes. There will be three copies of ‘Lifelines’ up for grabs signed by the Great Gongleshanks himself!! I told Grimnien that should be first prize as anything signed by me is going to be worth a lot more than fifty quid but……he insisted that humans would prefer cash, strange lot that they are.

There will also be signed books by the one and only wizard, Grimnien himself and as if that wasn’t enough Grimnien is going to be offering some signed artwork! Yes I think Grimnien has finally lost the plot! I mean, can you imagine owning a piece of signed artwork by a wizard from another dimension? How COOLIO is that??

Aaaarg! I want to enter now, is that allowed I wonder? I WANT a signed artwork from Grimnien!

We are also in ‘talks’ with some of our followers who may offer some signed books, CD’s and artwork for future competitions so watch this space………..

If any followers would like to donate prizes for future competitions kindly drop Gongle a line at Gongleshanks@hotmail.co.uk

Okey Dokey that’s all I wanted to let you know/

Remember Gongle loves you all…….especially if you are donating competition prizes:-)

Love Gongle x

ps The competition has been listed on The Prizefinder: <a href=”http://www.theprizefinder.com&#8221; title=”ThePrizeFinder.com – home of competitions and prize winning” target=”_blank”>Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com</a>

Exciting news from Gongle

Hello everybody

The website is coming along nicely, it has been a challenge I won’t lie but I’m quite pleased with the way it’s looking so far There are still some technical bits to be sorted but to try it out I am going to run a competition which is free to enter. This is a trial just to check everything is working so far. Watch out for it, it will be announced shortly so get your quills and harpsichords ready!

If you are an expert in your field, particularly art and you would like to be a judge send an email please to gongle22@hotmail.co.uk

As always, your comments/suggestions are always welcome, it is a work in progress:-)

Our main site ‘MineEye’ is also coming soon and we are all very excited about the imminent launch.

Thank you to all our followers for believing in Grimnian Promotions, with your help we are growing – and learning together!

Love Gongle x

I have launched the competition now. Visit http://www.gongleshanks.co.uk for more details:-)

Featured artist spot returns!

Hello friends!

As promised I am bringing back the featured artist spot with a few changes. The spot will now be every Tuesday for one day only. I found that three days was too long and numbers dwindled after the first day. The link will now automatically take you to the artist’s page as opposed to my blog.

Our first featured artist will be getting lots of tweets next Tuesday (17th September) Please support our featured artists by listening to their music, reading their blogs/poetry etc. and leaving them lots of positive feedback if you like what they’re doing.

I am always extremely grateful for retweets as well as this helps to spread the word for them.  We like to mess about and have a laugh but this is what we are here for as you know by now. All our promoting is done to help a wide variety of creative people because we believe everyone deserves a helping hand. We don’t charge for any of our services either, we all work for the love of the arts.

A quick word about MineEye (Your new site) is developing nicely and you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for it to appear now. As soon as it is ready to launch you will be the first to hear about it!

Thank you to all our new followers and for all your retweeting and ‘banter’ which we always enjoy!

As well as the characters on twitter there are lots of others working behind the scenes to bring Grimnian’s dream to fruition.  Please stick with us and keep supporting us and spreading the word about Grimnian Promotions.

Love Gongle x

A book by Gongleshanks

Gongle's book

I am extremely proud to introduce a very special book . This has been hidden better than the new Royal baby – in fact I’m glad Prince George of Cambridge appeared when he did because it took the heat off my security people who have been keeping this special occasion under wraps in order to give Gongle’s fans a humungous surprise!

Many of you know that Gongle is a megastar and you are about to find out why:-) My spectacular poetry book has been released. I should warn you that the book is a limited edition of five hundred million so grab a copy before they’re gone!

I am also a little bit annoyed with Grimnian. He’s been a bit naughty I’m afraid and waved his magic wand over the book. I also noticed him snapping a piece of elastic. When I asked him about it he looked a bit embarrassed because he hadn’t realised anyone was watching.

Anyway he confessed that he has put a magic spell on the book and I thought it only fair to warn you! If you buy a copy you will be safe. It’s just that………anyone who doesn’t buy it will keep finding themselves in embarrassing situations. Erm I don’t know quite how to break this to you but……….anyone who doesn’t buy the book will keep finding that their underwear has fallen down around their ankles in highly populated areas such as shopping centres or during important meetings such as job interviews or a meeting with future in-laws.

I am really sorry about this, if I had realised what the wizard was doing I would have stopped him.  Please just buy the book? I hate the thought of my lovely twitter followers standing in the middle of a shopping centre with their underwear around their ankles…………..

Anyway, the thing is it happens to be the best poetry book that’s ever been written anyway and proceeds will help the funding of MineEye so it’s a win win situation:-)

You can buy the book here:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/gongle-shanks/life-lines/paperback/product-21128331.html

It is also available on kindle: amazon.com/dp/B00E7GWDWG 

Love Gongle x

A Message from Megastar Gongle

Hello and a very big thank you to all our followers for your help and support. Most of you will be aware by now why the Grimnian Promotions team are giving their time to help you, our very talented followers.

Because interest in our venture is growing rapidly we are receiving vast amounts of tweets and requests for retweets. We are all delighted that our endeavour is capturing your imaginations.

Whilst we do our best to give everyone an equal share of promotion it is not always possible to reply to every tweet or to respond to every request for retweets.

Whilst I am quite sure that the majority of our followers understand this there have been a few occasions where individuals have bombarded us with tweets and then pointed out rather impatiently that they are still waiting for their retweets.

We would like to remind you that we are providing this service free of charge and none of the team receive payment.   We welcome your tweets and requests and will deal with them as quickly, pleasantly and efficiently as possible but if your tweet is missed could you please send a polite reminder rather than berating us? We really do want to help everybody:-)

We are currently tweeting a survey which has been designed with you in mind. The site MineEye is well on the way now and in order to make sure it fulfills your needs it will help us greatly if you could take a couple of minutes to complete it. Remember the site is for YOU  so please help us to tailor it to your needs1 If you missed it the link is here: http://bitly.com/MineEye 

Gongle x


A wizard from another world

Came one day upon a girl

Waved his wand and twirled around

Then girl was boy but upside down

Wizard Grimnian said ‘Young man

Come with me I have a plan’

He gathered up Grimney residents

Then off to twitter land they went

That is how we came to be

Sending out your tweets for free

So here’s a little tale I’ve made

Of some friends with whom we’ve played:-

Poor Gongle’s head is in a spin

Caused by all this constant din

Endless chatter in twitter land

Confuses that inverted man

His colleague Helga’s quite a girl

Although her antics make toes curl

But Helga has a heart of gold

Kept in her cupboard so we’re told

She thinks Morton’s quite a catch

She’d love to slide him down her hatch

Morton’s the office clam you see

Helga fancies him for her tea

But Morton has another plan

He’d like to give her a wedding band

He loves the hair on Helga’s lip

And the way she swings her victims’ hips

Morton thinks he’s a real go getter

Riding round on his clambretta

With tentacles flying in the breeze

A clam with attitude? Wake me up please

Then there’s Wendel, he does his best

But his memory failure’s such a pest

He’s the Mayor of Dingle town

Comes to work in a dressing gown

Kara Jarina’s the office beauty

But all she thinks of is her duty

Gongleshanks just lives in hope

She’ll fall for him and they’ll elope

He has a lovely girlfriend, Ann

She finds it hard to understand

Why Gongle has a roving eye

To be her beau most men would die

He met a Texan girl called Jana

She makes pies out of bananas!

When she’s around he is a good boy

Since meeting her burly husband Roy

Then along came writer Geordie Taff

His funny tweets made Gongle laugh

Boy! Can that man tell a tale

His sense of humour’s off the scale

Sian Lloyd caught Gongle’s attention

When she gave the team a mention

Now she’s sponsor with a sunny smile

And has old Gongle quite beguiled

There’s also  sweet Deb Houdek Rule

Her hair is blonde but she’s no fool

No she’s not just a pretty face

She’ll soon put Gongle in his place

Shanks is a friend of Hall the toon

Hall likes to stir with wooden spoon

Gongle laughs at the cartoon’s capers

She’s a funny piece of paper

Author David E Manuel

Gets on with Gongle rather well

He even helped him with this verse

So you see it could be even worse!

Michael Hibbard’s an author too

Why he talks to Shanks I have no clue

He has studied physics the quantum kind

Maybe chats with Gongle help him unwind

A composer by the name of Richard Maddock

Calls when Gongle’s causing havoc

To tweet about his latest tunes

Shanks won his CD and is over the moon!

JP Lane now there’s a girl

She writes tales that make toes curl

Gongle teases her endlessly

But she’s a good sport thankfully

Tonia Allen Gould writes children’s books

She’d like to get Gongle in her hooks

Offered to wine and dine him in style

Another girl wants to get him up the aisle

Latest friend is Brandy Miller

Maybe she works for a distiller

Because she whispered in his ear

Brandy like liquor Miller like beer

Gongle loves his twitter friends

Despite the naughty tweets he sends

He hopes they’ll never go away

Because those tweeps they make his day

Please note: No clams were harmed during the making of this poem