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Featured artist spot returns!

Hello friends!

As promised I am bringing back the featured artist spot with a few changes. The spot will now be every Tuesday for one day only. I found that three days was too long and numbers dwindled after the first day. The link will now automatically take you to the artist’s page as opposed to my blog.

Our first featured artist will be getting lots of tweets next Tuesday (17th September) Please support our featured artists by listening to their music, reading their blogs/poetry etc. and leaving them lots of positive feedback if you like what they’re doing.

I am always extremely grateful for retweets as well as this helps to spread the word for them.  We like to mess about and have a laugh but this is what we are here for as you know by now. All our promoting is done to help a wide variety of creative people because we believe everyone deserves a helping hand. We don’t charge for any of our services either, we all work for the love of the arts.

A quick word about MineEye (Your new site) is developing nicely and you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for it to appear now. As soon as it is ready to launch you will be the first to hear about it!

Thank you to all our new followers and for all your retweeting and ‘banter’ which we always enjoy!

As well as the characters on twitter there are lots of others working behind the scenes to bring Grimnian’s dream to fruition.  Please stick with us and keep supporting us and spreading the word about Grimnian Promotions.

Love Gongle x