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A bit more news from Gongle

In my last post I explained that I was cancelling the competition website. Before I do I decided to take some of the general information off said website and post it here for people who haven’t read it. I also received some competition entries which I will post for you to read once I get permission from the contributors::


My name is Gongleshanks and I am from the Land of Grimney. WHAT? You’ve never heard of Grimney? Where HAVE you been?? Ah! No! I can’t be bothered explaining it all again. All you need to know for now is that I work for Voice Box Promotions. We promote creative people on twitter such as poets, artists, writers, musicians, comedians, anyone creative who needs promoting, we do it! So what makes us different to other promotional companies I hear you ask? Well, we don’t charge. Yes you heard that right….we promote people free of charge. Our creator, Grimnian had this vision you see, Grimnian is a cross-dressing wizard by the way, anyway, where was I? Oh yes Grimnian decided that there are so many talented people ‘out there’ trying to get seen and heard and it made him sad.So one day he thought ‘I know what I’ll do……I’ll get a group of people together who are willing to work for no pay and we will TAKE OVER THE WORLD’. He didn’t actually say that last bit – about taking over the world I mean – but I am an imp and sometimes prone to exaggerating a bit. Anyway he got this team of nutters…..erm I mean like-minded people together and took them to Twitterland where they have been working tirelessly for many months to make people’s dreams come true. The team consists of Grimnian the wizard, a lesser spotted tentacular clam by the name of Morton, a tin knight with bees in his head named Garlan, a beautiful lady called Kara, Wendel, a demented Mayor who walks backwards and Gongleshanks a naughty imp who walks upside down. Gongle’s long suffering girlfriend, Ann also tweets for the team.

Grimnian has also been building a very spectacular site called Voice Box and it has a virtual stage where our Twitter followers can perform to a large audience via webcam.


What is VoiceBox?

An obvious question, VoiceBox came to mind after the creation of the Land of Grimney. I had always intended to find a way to encourage, support and promote creativity of all kinds. The problem I found with many websites was that they often swallowed talent through sheer weight of member numbers. This we wanted to avoid. Therefore we are creating VoiceBox – The Virtual Stage. A free platform where members will be able to perform their music, poetry, comedy routines or simply talk about their books, or just share their thoughts with others. Tweets will be sent out on Twitter to announce a performance, and these will be free to over thirty thousand people. There will be a small charge if a member wishes to reach a further one hundred thousand and book promotions will require a very tiny fee, but free promotion will still be available too. We hope that you will recoup any expense with your own sales. Why charge you may ask? The website is destined to be an expensive construction, and we and its builders GloDerWorks; an award winning design company, will have to manage it. The intention is to grow and adapt and, with your support and contributions, we intend to become a powerful online influence in discovering, supporting and empowering new talents throughout the world.

The site has incredible potential. Voice Box Promotions, our hard working publicity department, have gathered over one hundred and thirty thousand followers on Twitter and we are proud to share with you that a significant core are involved with the music and publishing industry. We are followed by many incredibly talented individuals and hope that we can help share their gifts with others.

VoiceBox will be a unique concept, simply being built for you. How successful you are depends on your determination, drive and ability. We believe that success for us will be measured only by the success of those who become involved and strive to achieve their goals and dreams.

We hope that you will join us, share your gifts and participate in all aspects of VoiceBox, of which there will be many. We are here to see you succeed, but success is in your hands. We will take great pride in seeing you achieve your ambitions and helping you as much as we can along the way.

Good luck and may your dreams take flight!


A little story:

Once upon a time there lived a wizard by the name of Grimnian. He lived in a fantasy world all of his own, this land was called Grimney. Many strange creatures inhabited the land of Grimney and when they were not at war fighting to control the land, they spent their days painting, reading books and writing.One day Grimnian was sat in the woods chatting to his friends when he stunned everybody by announcing ‘I’m bored!’

‘You’re bored?’ repeated Morton the slimy clam ‘Well what do you want to do Grimnian?’ Grimnian looked thoughtful for a moment then he turned to Morton and said ‘I want to start an online empire’

Everyone stopped chatting idly and turned their attention to the strange wizard who was wearing a very expensive looking dress.

Kara Jarina a beautiful and enchanting lady was first to speak ‘If you want to spend the day creating an empire dear Grimnian then that is what you must do.’ Kara then resumed her welding.

Without another word Grimnian arose elegantly – as befits someone wearing a very expensive dress – and staggered off into the woods. He staggered because he was wearing exceedingly high heels, not the best attire for hiking but…..well, that’s Grimnian for you!

After some time he re-appeared accompanied by a very handsome man who walked towards the group of friends on his hands.

‘This is Gongleshanks’ said Grimnian, ‘he is joining my empire. He used to be Meadow Goblinglitter but I changed her into a man’.

‘Ooooh’ piped up Morton, ‘Why did you change Meadow into a man?’

‘Every empire has a handsome and charismatic man on the team’ replied Grimnian with a vague expression on his face.

‘But why is he upside down?’ Morton continued.

Grimnian’s eyes became clear now and he spoke with great determination. ‘Ah, yes, why indeed Morton’ he began. ‘I can tell you exactly why Gongleshanks is upside down young………..clam. Goodness, yes indeedy………….and well spotted, you are indeed a very observant young……..clam! The reason why Gongleshanks, the handsome, charismatic man is upside down is…………because…………my spell went wrong. Yes, that’s it…………that’s what happened the spell went wrong, it was a mistake, that, Morton is why Gongleshanks is upside down.’

Grimnian smiled contentedly to himself, quietly pleased with his clear and intelligent explanation.

Wendel, the Mayor of Dingletown grabbed hold of Gongle’s foot and shook it vigorously. ‘I was very pleased to meet you tomorrow’ said Wendel because he was extremely stupid.

‘OK’ announced the elegantly dressed wizard’ There is no time like the future we had better make a start for we have a long and arduous journey ahead of us.’

‘But…..where are we going?’ protested Kara as she lifted her welding mask.

‘We are going to Twitterland’ beamed Grimnian. ‘I have heard tell that there are many unhappy people in this land. There are writers and painters and poets and minstrels of great quality but nobody will give them the time of day because a tyrant has taken over the land. He has created a huge empire and mesmerised the population into believing that the only creative people worth seeing are the ones that he chooses to show on the watchy box and has commanded that nobody else will be allowed into his empire unless they have been chosen by him or one of his close friends.

At this, the band of creatures rolled around on the ground laughing and holding their tummies because their chuckle muscles were hurting.

‘Oh Grimnian!’ they gasped, ‘Where do you get these outlandish ideas, ha ha, hee hee, as if that could really happen!’

Grimnian stepped over them and continued, ‘We must make tracks if we are to save the creatives of earth.

The group stopped laughing and picked themselves up because they could see by the absent expression on the wizard’s face that he was in no mood for jollity and was indeed serious about saving the creative people of earth from a life of anonymity.

That is how the Grimnians came to be in twitterland and the rest – as they say – is history.

The group worked hard from their little office and made lots of friends in Twitterland. Grimnian spent his days scouring the haberdashery shops for sequins because he was obsessed with sparkly things. Success quickly went to Morton’s head and he lavished allsorts of expensive gifts on himself including the latest model Clambretta. He soon found that his clambretta attracted lots of ladies and he began to disappear on ‘business’ trips with alarming regularity. Beautiful Kara became a workaholic, locked away with mountains of paperwork for months on end and Gongleshanks met the love of his life, a girl from Miami who was the perfect partner for the imp because she always turned a blind eye to his philandering, presumably hoping that one day he would settle down and mend his ways – Yes in a way, Ann was as big a dreamer as Grimnian!

One sunny day Grimnian decided to bring in a new staff member and turned up with an old, rusty, tin knight by the name of Garlan. The team were told that Garlan had worshipped gold before coming to Twitterland. To teach him a valuable lesson (see what I did there!) some wizard had turned Garlan into metal ‘because he loved the stuff so much’ The only way Garlan could regain his original form and be reunited with his lady, Ambrosia was to perform many good deeds without accepting any payment whatsoever – making a position on the staff at Voice Box Promotions ideal.

Things were going well in Twitterland for many months then one day Gongleshanks walked into the office, and put his hands into a pool of clam slime. As he stood unsteadily on his feet wiping his hands on Grimnian’s blouse he surveyed the strange scene in his place of work, the clam hanging from the ceiling dripping slime, Grimnian counting his sequins and Garlan scrubbing himself with a brillo pad and he thought to himself:

‘This is not how I envisaged my life when I was a young girl.’

Gongle thought he needed a rest so he took himself off to his private island in the middle of the Carribean to have a think about his life……….

When he returned more staff had joined the team, There was Garli, a sun Goddess, Ursula, a bit of a mystery that one! and a Master swordsman by the name of Killgin.

This story is still being written so watch this space………..


A Postcard from Gongle

Hello Grimnians and twits

Having a lovely time on my private island. Don’t worry about me Ann, there are lots of girls looking after my every need! I’m sure you’ll be missing me lots, being the enigmatic character that I am but just emerge yourselves in your work and I’ll be back before you can say ‘Gongleshanks is the most handsome man I’ve ever set eyes on.’

Being as I am also extremely generous I am sending very expensive gifts for my colleagues – not because I think you’re worth it but because I want you to remember that I am extremely rich and successful:-)

For dearest Grimnianigift for Grimnian

I hope you like this sequinned dress. I had it made for you by David E Manuel – dressmaker to Royalty:-)

gift for WendelFor dearest Wendel

A special clock for you backwards Mayor!

igift for GarlanFor dearest Garlan

Make sure you’re bright and shiny when I return:-)

gift for SketchFor Sketch

I know you like twigs dear so this is for you . STOP swirling and hopping for a minute and see what Great Gongle has sent you – no expense spared!!

gift for MortonFor Morton

Special slime to keep your tentacles lubricated Morty:-)gift for helgaFor Helga

There you go Helga, this should ensure you don’t go hungry whist I’m away……and that none of my colleagues get eaten!!

gift for AnnFor Darling Ann

Darling, here is a framed photograph for you so that you don’t forget me……as IF you could:-) xxxx

gift for KaraFor beautiful Kara

Saw this and thought of you…..don’t know why:-) xxxx

Please behave my darlings until I return, oh and Morton I have ordered a  Clamborghini for you:-)

Right I must go I am building the biggest sandcastle that has ever been built. It even has a landing strip for my plane:-)

Don’t work TOO hard – as if you would!

Love and hugs

Gongle xxxx

PSSweetsSweets for all my lovely fans to share….especially the lovely Tonia Allen Gould!!

Let’s have some fun!

Hello to all my regular readers and welcome to you new ones. I can’t believe how many new followers I have on my blog since last time I updated it! (I can actually but this is my attempt at modesty – ah what’s the point) I know how magnificent I am so what’s the point in hiding it?

A little bit of news first, I will be bringing the Featured Artisit Spot back soon – with a few changes. Firstly it will be a weekly spot and secondly I won’t be putting artists into my blog. I find that most artists already have blogs or websites of their own so we will just be tweeting links to your own publicity material.  That will cut down my work load and free up my time to relax by the pool……WHAT?? Well I AM a megastar you know!

I will be announcing which day the featured artist spot will be appearing and when it will return soon, so….watch this space.

OK now for the fun bit. Most of you will know about my colleagues, the Grimnian Promotions team. I thought we would have a vote to find out who is the best looking male <points to self discreetly> This is a no brainer of course because the choice consists of: Grimnian (the red-faced, sequin wearing wizard) Morton (the slimy clam) Garlan (the rusty tin knight) or Wendel (the old, grey mayor) – HA! Did you see what I did there?

Anyway the prize will be title of ‘Most handsome Grimnian’ and NO VOTE RIGGING PLEASE BALTHUS!

We better include the girls in this I suppose so you can also vote for Most beautiful female Grimnian and your choices are: Helga (splutter) Ann or the BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, IRRESISTABLE Kara.

Please leave your choice of male and female Grimnian in the comments below and when I have more votes than the others voting will close.

Love Gongle x


A wizard from another world

Came one day upon a girl

Waved his wand and twirled around

Then girl was boy but upside down

Wizard Grimnian said ‘Young man

Come with me I have a plan’

He gathered up Grimney residents

Then off to twitter land they went

That is how we came to be

Sending out your tweets for free

So here’s a little tale I’ve made

Of some friends with whom we’ve played:-

Poor Gongle’s head is in a spin

Caused by all this constant din

Endless chatter in twitter land

Confuses that inverted man

His colleague Helga’s quite a girl

Although her antics make toes curl

But Helga has a heart of gold

Kept in her cupboard so we’re told

She thinks Morton’s quite a catch

She’d love to slide him down her hatch

Morton’s the office clam you see

Helga fancies him for her tea

But Morton has another plan

He’d like to give her a wedding band

He loves the hair on Helga’s lip

And the way she swings her victims’ hips

Morton thinks he’s a real go getter

Riding round on his clambretta

With tentacles flying in the breeze

A clam with attitude? Wake me up please

Then there’s Wendel, he does his best

But his memory failure’s such a pest

He’s the Mayor of Dingle town

Comes to work in a dressing gown

Kara Jarina’s the office beauty

But all she thinks of is her duty

Gongleshanks just lives in hope

She’ll fall for him and they’ll elope

He has a lovely girlfriend, Ann

She finds it hard to understand

Why Gongle has a roving eye

To be her beau most men would die

He met a Texan girl called Jana

She makes pies out of bananas!

When she’s around he is a good boy

Since meeting her burly husband Roy

Then along came writer Geordie Taff

His funny tweets made Gongle laugh

Boy! Can that man tell a tale

His sense of humour’s off the scale

Sian Lloyd caught Gongle’s attention

When she gave the team a mention

Now she’s sponsor with a sunny smile

And has old Gongle quite beguiled

There’s also  sweet Deb Houdek Rule

Her hair is blonde but she’s no fool

No she’s not just a pretty face

She’ll soon put Gongle in his place

Shanks is a friend of Hall the toon

Hall likes to stir with wooden spoon

Gongle laughs at the cartoon’s capers

She’s a funny piece of paper

Author David E Manuel

Gets on with Gongle rather well

He even helped him with this verse

So you see it could be even worse!

Michael Hibbard’s an author too

Why he talks to Shanks I have no clue

He has studied physics the quantum kind

Maybe chats with Gongle help him unwind

A composer by the name of Richard Maddock

Calls when Gongle’s causing havoc

To tweet about his latest tunes

Shanks won his CD and is over the moon!

JP Lane now there’s a girl

She writes tales that make toes curl

Gongle teases her endlessly

But she’s a good sport thankfully

Tonia Allen Gould writes children’s books

She’d like to get Gongle in her hooks

Offered to wine and dine him in style

Another girl wants to get him up the aisle

Latest friend is Brandy Miller

Maybe she works for a distiller

Because she whispered in his ear

Brandy like liquor Miller like beer

Gongle loves his twitter friends

Despite the naughty tweets he sends

He hopes they’ll never go away

Because those tweeps they make his day

Please note: No clams were harmed during the making of this poem

A little bit more….

Hello again!

Just a little update about Grimnian promotions and some links in case you’re not following the rest of the team. First a very big thank you to all our followers and retweeters, as I keep saying we couldn’t do this without you.

It may seem hard to believe but we are doing this for YOU! The idea was conceived by our very own wizard Grimnian. He is an author and poet and also the creator of ‘The Land of Grimney’. He has a dream which we all believe in and that is why we are helping him by spreading the word about MineEye and giving exposure to lots of very talented people whilst building our followers ready for the launch of the virtual stage.

The virtual stage is being integrated into the main site and this is quite a complex operation which is the main reason for the delay in launching.

Grimnian prefers us not to reveal his identity because he doesn’t want the venture to be about him.  I know he won’t like me saying this but he is a very kind hearted soul and is giving his time and funding the project in order to give a helping hand to the many creative people ‘out there’

Creativity, Grimnian believes, should be enjoyed by a large audience and not supressed by a handful of people deciding what is ‘worthy’ for the masses. A lot of people ask for my opinion on their work and whilst I am happy to listen to new music and read books etc. I am not here as a judge but simply to share your links in order to widen your audience. We (the team) also retweet each others tweets as often as possible to give you as much exposure as possible.

Once MineEye is up and running we will have our own space to share our thoughts but of course we will still have a presence on twitter where we will continue to search for and tweet about creative people.

I will post a link to Helga’s article at the end in case you haven’t read it. You will find a lot more information about MineEye in the piece.

There are some quite sensible people behind the characters at Grimnian promotions…….alright I lied! Kara Jarina is the sensible one among us – every team has one I suppose. We give our time for free simply because we are all passionate about the venture and we all love music, poetry, art, etc. You may have noticed that we like to have fun too! We don’t take life too seriously and we tend to stay away from serious subjects, there’s plenty of room for doom and gloom elsewhere if that’s what you want!

We are proud to have the backing of lovely weather girl Sian Lloyd and have also managed to get a few tweets from other celebrities and high profile media people which helps tremendously to spread the word about what we are doing but ultimately it is our loyal followers who are keeping the tweets going and we really are very grateful to you all for your help. We show our gratitude by regularly insulting you as you know! at least the ones we suspect have a good sense of humour!

Please note that if you send a link to be retweeted it is better to send it to us with the team member included in the tweet e.g.  @Gongleshanks  We do receive a lot of Direct messages and our timelines are very busy due to our follower numbers. Also if you have followed and we haven’t followed back, don’t sit there sulking, give us a shout. We really do not want to ignore anyone who is interested in our venture.

As promised here are the links for all the team:







And here is the link to Helga’s article: Miine Eye · smackintheface.magix.net/public/mineeye…

I hope this helps to clarify what we are doing.  Until next time…..

Gongle x