Hello new follower!

I go through phases of picking up lots of new followers so I decided to write a page with a little bit of information and link it to my welcome tweet (because I’m a clever imp like that you see)

Firstly – you probably already know this which is why you followed me but just in case……….- I am a megastar with billions of followers, I am also prone to exaggerate a bit!

So……if you have followed me and I haven’t followed back and you are heartbroken about it just send me a tweet @Gongleshanks and ask me to follow you. Simples! I try to follow back but I can’t keep up with the influx of new fans:-)

Please don’t send DM’s for the simple reason I have a steady stream coming through constantly and I miss most of them. Don’t be shy, if you want me to promote your work, tweet a link and ask me to RT, it IS what I’m here for!

Many people ask me to comment on their work and I should just point out that I am not here to judge but to promote, it’s for my followers to decide if it’s their cup of tea or not. I will promote any old tripe (LOL!) The only thing I don’t tweet is work containing lots of language or controversial material so if your songs etc. contain that sort of thing, don’t be surprised if I don’t rt. We are a fun group and like to keep things ‘family friendly’

Thank you for following me! Although I have many followers I try to ‘chat’ with anyone who wants to. I don’t bite, I am a friendly imp – underneath all the banter – so  feel free to tweet me anytime. Again, if I miss your tweet and don’t reply, don’t sulk! Give me another shout. I know I’m dead posh but I’ll talk to anybody!

I belong to the ‘Voice Box live’ team and you may want to follow them too. They are all very friendly and helpful – even Morton the slimy clam! I will add their twitter names here, feel free to follow them all to optimise your FREE promotion – and have fun as well, what is there to lose?

Other VoiceBoxLive members:

, @mrsnickih @KaraJarina @WendelSparsett @GarlanGlave

Love Gongleshanks x

4 thoughts on “Welcome:-)

  1. Oi! You forgot @wendelsparshott (if that’s the right spelling?!) AND that old tin bloke @GarlanGlave… Such a slow imp on occasions. Anyway, I’m off to visit the laughing gnome. I have problems trying to catch up with him at times..


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