Who’s Who at VBL?

Our team consists of the following members:

@Grimnien is our founder and head honcho

@SianWeather is our sponsor

@GongleShanks is our resident Megastar

@KaraJarina is editor of our daily newspaper, VoiceBoxLive Chronicle   She is also admin manager for VBL

@MortonBalthus is our Senior VP Porcelain Facilities Remediation

@GarlanGlave is our Web content controller

@anmarie63 is Promotions manager, USA division

@Talk2PeaceX is our official poet laureate for VBL

@LochyLassie and @AstridZarne are editors of our online magazine, Celebrity VoiceBoxLive:

 @SteveLuffRadio is music reviewer for Celebrity VoiceBoxLive: http://hotvipnews.com/

@KillginStark is our master swordsman

@GarliTreorne  is Head moderator for VBL

@UrsulaLygarlis is Promotions manager for MineEye

@WendelSparsett is a deranged old man. If you can fathom what   he’s talking about, well done:-)

@GothickaBlaine is our facebook rep.

@Meadowdragon is our wardrobe mistress

@TalosMontigare  is our technical Director and MD for

@VerlioLazair is assistant to Talos

@bookattic1  is Book reviewer extraordinaire and YA acquisitions manager for

Special thanks to the following for their continued support:




@Notsowiseowl28 and

@toriLallred (Gongle’s number 1 fan)

 are valued helpers to the Grimniens

 There are others who work behind the scenes and wish to remain anonymous.


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