Another voucher up for grabs!

MineEye is one of the newest online bookstores on the web – with a unique vision. We want to connect writers with their audience in a friendlier, more up-close manner than we have seen before. Less commercial and more nurturing of great talent. Giving people a chance to really connect with and understand the writers that they love !

Hi all

We have gone competition mad here at MineEye! Grimnien has decided that he wants to say a big thank you to our authors and reviewers. Every month the team is going to choose one of our authors or reviewers to receive a £20 (30 dollar) Amazon voucher and if you already have a book on the site you don’t have to do a thing! You are in the selection process already just by being there:-)

Everyone who uploads a book to will also be included! You don’t have to be an author to join in the fun either. If you post a review for any of the books on MineEye you will also be in with a chance of a voucher.

All we ask is that the monthly winner tweets about it on twitter and includes #MineEye.

This ‘competition’ will end on the last day of each month and is in addition to our other ‘rafflecopter’ competition! How exciting is this!!

We are running these competitions to spread the word about this brilliant site and also to thank all of you lovely people for taking part in it and remember it’s FREE to join!

Three cheers for Grimnien:-)

Good luck everybody!

Love Gongle x

The competition is also listed on



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