Important Announcement – please read

Hello fans

Today we have a guest post from our technical director:-)


Dear All,

Firstly, thank you for the tremendous support and enthusiasm for what we are doing here at VoiceBox Live !

In recent weeks, we have been gearing up with great excitement for the scheduled headline performance by Jamie Wills-Taylor next Sunday 22nd February, which will be followed by a number of other events, as the service launches.

Unfortunately, we have learned that our key video streaming service provider has announced that it is pulling out of this market and we must find another – in the week before Jamie’s inaugural performance !

In the words of a famous general, “We can do the impossible immediately – but miracles take a little longer !”

On that basis, we regret that we will have to postpone our launch with Jamie on February 22nd (and the others planned for the following week or so) but normal service will be resumed as soon as our technical boffins wire the VBL machine back together ! We have taken the precaution of locking them in their laboratory until this is done, slipping pizza and high energy drinks under the door at regular intervals.

We will give you an update on Twitter, the moment that we have good news for you !!

 This is Gongle again.

I apologise for the disruption particularly to our new members ‘Pole Position’ and Jamie, our lovely friend who has been scheduled for weeks to be our very first performer. Please forgive us! Our main man Rob will get it all shipshape for you so that the scenery won’t collapse around you during your performances!

I did say when we launched that there could be some teething troubles and asked you to be patient. We will still make you stars, just not as soon as expected:-)

Please be assured that we are all working very hard to get things running like clockwork and we will let you know as soon as we are ready to relaunch.

Love Gongleshanks x


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